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Efter julesalg

Middagssalget er startet!

The last sale of the year has started and we have reduced the price of a variety of products.
With us you will find everything you need. So hurry, there is no time to lose here. The offers are valid as long as the stock lasts.

The mid-day sale falls on the days between Christmas and New Year and is one of our most popular sales.
For many, the mid-day sale is a welcome and easy end to the Christmas holidays. A bit like self-chosen Christmas presents in arrears, from you to you.

Despite its name, it is now quite common for the midday sale to start already on Christmas or the second day.
It often lasts until sometime in January. Since the breakthrough of the internet, the tradition has grown avalanche-like
even in e-commerce and the mid-day sale with us is of course no exception - it is huge and full of bargains.
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